Will you survive the call of the wild? Follow your instincts as a wolf, bear, fox, or coyote and take the path that you choose to follow.
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Mid Winter --------- Mating season: OPEN Snow: Snow is falling and the ground is covered with it! It is NIGHT time and cubs are to be born in the den with their mother!
Welcome new members! Please post your bios and join a pack! Role Play has started in the druid peak pack. And the Rose Creek pack is now Cougar Creek Pack! Bella has switched from Rose Creek to Slough Creek to Cougar Creek where she will stay as Alpha Female!
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PostSubject: RULES READ AND FOLLOW please   Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:27 pm

Welcome everyone! Like most muli-user websites, our site has a set of strictly enforced rules that must be followed and obeyed. Any infraction, whether it be minor or severe, will result in punishment configured by the Head Alpha and the Alphas. While we're a laid-back, goofy pack, there are still some things you will need to know in order to ensure your experience here is at its full potential.

1. Be Kind to others and yourself.

•Nobody likes a sour puss, so don't be one.

•Don't put others down, instead make a positive comment.

•Don't have a hateful attitude, it will get you nowhere.

  • Watch your Language!
  • Cussing
    is strictly frowned upon here, seeing as this pack is a kid-friendly

  • Words that you may think are okay may not be accepted here,
    so choose your words carefully.

  • NO double posting

  • Double
    Accounts are not permitted in YellowStone, you may have multiple
    animals on the same account, but not more than one account unless
    something went wrong with one.

  • You
    must try to post on the forums at least every two weeks. If you would
    like to be a higher rank, i suggest you be active at least every two

  • RolePlay
    is our pack's main activity, so please be sure to RP at least once a
    week! It's important. Make sure you have made a bio though, so we may
    know who you are. Please do not rp other people unless they contact the
    alphas(and Head Alpha) and the character they want to rp so that we know that you are going to rp them.

  • Life In Yellow Stone National Park is copyrighted to Aki's ideas (Bella also helped). We are the only site based on
    yellow stone national park, so do not create any pack or site using our ideas on
    this forum or the same names. Severe consequences will be panned out,
    whether you're in the pack or not, if you tell other packs or sites our ideas,
    and we find out.

  • We only allow 8 characters on this site. We do have age limits to each characters to insure a healthy number of animals, don't worry if any of your characters die you can create another but for a some gold(20) at the Gold Shop. Age limits found here -->CLICK HERE
  • Make
    sure you post in the correct forums, because sifting through unwanted
    topics is a pain. Also stay in one rp area and if you would like to go
    to another one, make sure you mentions that in your rp message.

  • Don't spam the site with ANY other pack/site links EVER unless you have permission from the Head Alpha.
  • PLEASE do not beg for a rank or demand it if you do you most likely won't be reversed the rank.

  • So
    I'm sure you've all heard of something called 'God Modding', I'd just
    like to say that is not permitted here. If you do not know what I mean
    by 'God Modding' here is a small explanation;

    God Modding- When in RolePlay your character is 'invincible' or 'perfect' for example:
    in a fight, your character is hardly harmed and is 'successful' on
    every attack they preform, or they have an unusual amount of
    strength..etc -
    Your character can go a long time with out food, water, or sleeping..etc

  • YOU CANNOT rp the prey the only ones who will rp the prey will be those who ask to get the rank if they get the rank then they do not have to give up being a coyote, wolf, bear, or fox or even create a bio for the prey. pm Aki for more information.
  • We do not allow "red, pink, or blue" eye colors or coat colors, although we do sometimes allow "blue" eye color but rarely. Also we sometimes do allow SOME markings.

  • You
    may be more than on animal on this forum. Also this forum is mainly
    about wolves, but you may also be a coyote, fox, or bear.

  • DONT SPAM the site with less then 3 words unless a topic requires this, and in rp posts you have to write at least 3 sentences.
  • DONT pm ANY ONE links to your site/pack unless it is approved by the Head Alpha. (We (Aki, The Alphas, and Betas) will find out and you will have consequences)

  • DONT SPAM the chat box with links to ANY packs/sites, unless approved.
  • DONT SPAM the chat box with smiles or random words
  • CHAT BOX MODS are required to have proof to why they have banned someone from the chat box or kicked them from the chat box. (GO TO REPORTS)
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